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 Working With Realtors

We Transform Denied Loans Into Approvals!

How great does writing purchase offers with a fast close sound? With the current market, home buyers need to present tougher offers while sellers need more choices. We are here to provide you and your clients with the private money loan programs that you have been look for! 

Speed Is Key!

Yes, your home owners/home buyers can qualify for our private money programs on primary residences/investment properties (single/ multiple units) even with low credit scores or income verification issues. 

Just 2 Simple Underwriting Factors:

  1. Minimum 25% Down Payment
    / Sufficient Existing Equity

  2. Repayment Ability (Source of Income)


Our Loan Programs

Help Your Buyer Choose


With our bridge loans and short-term loans, the process can be sped up to benefit the home owners who want to sell. Over the years, we financed numerous transactions owner-occupied loans, rental property loans,

small commercial and some land loans. With our help you can help reduce your client's stress of having to contract a new home before selling the current one or help your buyer's offer by giving them the opportunity

to secure extra funds needed to close a new home, without selling the current one! 

Email Us With Any Questions You May Have!


* We ONLY Offer California Real Estate Loans.

* Minimum Loan Amount: $150,000.
* No ARV/Future Value Financing 
* We do not offer personal loans.

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