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Why Do Loans With Us?


We all know that traditional underwriting is not always the easiest. 
A lot borrowers & Agents who come to us because they fast approval and funding due to their upcoming deadline. 

Storehouse Lending is here to provide you with the hard money loans your borrower needs and has been looking for. 

For almost a decade, we have helped thousands of Home Buyers & Home Owners.

We Work With Brokers, Lenders, & Realtors to get the financing their client needs 

Just 2 Underwriting Factors:

1. Minimum 25-35% Down Payment
or Sufficient Existing Equity 

2. Repayment Ability 
(Consumer Purpose Loans Only)

Pre-approvals as quick as 30 minutes!  Loan approval in as quick as 24 hours!
Note: Financing In California Only 
Minimum Loan Amount is $150,000

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