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Owner Occupied Home Loans

Your Trusted Hard Money Loan Source
for Owner-Occupied Properties


Here at Storehouse Lending,  we do both Business / Consumer Purpose (Owner Occupied) loans. 
 Federal and State guidelines are what separates these programs. 


We Offer 2 Different Programs For These Loans: 

  • Borrower’s exit strategy is what determines the loan term and length
    (Terms can vary from 12 months up to 15 years +)

  • Low Credit Score is OK! 

  • LTV up to 65%-75%

  • The property needs to be in California. 

  • Minimum loan amount is $150,000.

    Do the Rules Change for Owner-Occupied Loans?

What is an Owner-Occupied loan exactly?
This is a type of loan offered based on the occupancy status of the property.

An owner-occupied loan is a loan on the borrower's primary residence. 
However, such a loan would also apply to a secondary residence as well. 


Who Can Take Out an Owner-Occupied Loan?

This is where LTV matters strongly.
Storehouse Lending can lend up to 65% LTV, depending on the
borrower's qualification and the condition of the property.
This would be great loan for those who got turned down somewhere else 

due to foreclosures, bankruptcy, or income verification issues. 


Who Does Owner-Occupied Hard Money Loans?

Storehouse Lending does. 

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