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Who We Are

Storehouse Lending is located in Los Angeles County, California.

We are licensed members of the (DRE) CA Department of Real Estate
and the (NMLS) Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System.

From the beginning, it was our goal to lend a helping hand to those who loans were turned down elsewhere & help them get the best services that this industry has to offer. And now, this vision has expanded to providing investment opportunities for our private money investors who are intrigued in receiving higher profit on safer investments by offering them real estate investment opportunities. Our team is well seasoned in this industry and we want to help our community by assisting our borrowers, buyers, and investors become educated enough to make the right decisions for themselves.  To make sure we're providing the correct information to everyone, we make sure we are on top of keeping up with the changing regulations and education. 

What We Do

  • We Offer Quick Alternative Financing Loans! Low Credit Score? Income Verification Issues? No worries, We can help! 

  • We Help Borrowers Whose Mortgage Loans Were Denied By Others. 

  • We Are Constantly Sending Out Our Trust Deeds To Our Private Investors. 

  • We Offer Our Special Alt-A Hard Money Loans (6%-8%) For Those Who Were SO Close To Qualifying For A Conventional Loan

Loan Origination Made Simple 

Here at Storehouse Lending, we help make your real estate purchase / refinance process quick and easy. 

             Do you have decent equity but need cash fast or maybe have a low credit score, income verification issues

or problems with a property condition? Hard Money just may be the answer you were searching for. 

And for borrowers who were within the reach for qualifying for a conventional loan,

Storehouse Lending offers the special Alt-A Hard Money Loan Program. 

Our team will help you get the right program that fits your special needs. 
We know that everyone has their own unique circumstances and want to make sure
we assist you in getting that loan program which best fits your current financing need.

Feel Free To Contact Us For Consultation &  Pre-Qualification

Or You Can Also Fill Out The Form Below and We Will Get Back To You ASAP! 


 Question? Ask Away!

Got any questions? Ask away!

Fill out the form below & our team will contact you right back! 
Don't worry, there's 0 obligation & we also guarantee your privacy. 

* We ONLY Offer CA Real Estate Loans

* Minimum Loan Amount : $150,000

* No ARV / Future Value Financing 

* We do NOT offer personal loans

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