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Hello To All Of Our Investors,


We are located in City of Industry, California and we offer Notes from all of California. We pride ourselves in our honest & straightforward ways.

With new Investors joining us at Storehouse Lending each day, we thought it’d be a wonderful idea to review how we can work better together. 



  1. Private Money Brokers,  that's what we are.  We minimize risks by not creating a pool or a Trust Account.  
    We also don’t have an escrow company, we simply present the loans to our investors. That's right, we don't touch a penny. 


  2. We collect all the necessary documents and package a complete submission file. We then email the new opportunity to our investors with a brief information about the property and the borrower. If an investor is interested, all you have to is email us back regarding the opportunity and we send you the full package. Our full package includes the following: Loan Application, Credit Report, Documents that supports the borrower's ability to repay (such as income and assets), and Preliminary Report, along with the Value of the Property. With the full package, the investor can make an informed decision. And for your piece of mind, just know that we do our research before sending over any loans to our investors.  

  3. We like to keep things simple and easy for you. And that's why we pair one loan with a single investor. Sometimes, you just don't want to share your cookie! (There are always exceptions of course, for example if the loan size is too big, we do allow fractionalized loan. However, a single investor who can and wants to fund the loan will always get priority. )

  4. Once our investors seize the loan opportunity and approve the loan, we then prepare the loan documents for the borrower to sign and send them over to escrow. A copy will also be sent to you for your review as well. Around that time, we will send you an estimated time frame of when the loan will need funding. Remember, you will be wiring it directly to escrow at a said time, not to us! By the way, did you know that Hard Money investors need to be qualified to invest money? This is a Federal Rule, enforced by the State of CA. You Can't Invest More Than 10% Of Your Net Worth! 

  5. Once the loan is closed, meaning it has been funded, that's when you receive the long awaited
    GOLD FILE.  The GOLD FILE will contain information about the loan and the signed loan documents. 
    Note: You will receive your pro-rated interest with this file.  You will receive reimbursement of wire fees directly from Escrow (for this is a cost the borrower covers) 


  6. Our timeframe is approximately about 2 weeks, most funded earlier than that! 
    We provide a copy of the loan documents to the servicing company. However, please keep it mind that we do not set up servicing for you! 


  1. Please make sure to read our Welcome Investors email that we send you once you are added into our Investor database. A booklet from State of California about investing in Hard Money will be included as well. 

  2. If we don't already have it, we'll ask you to give us your name, address, phone #, email address and a few other questions regarding Hard Money lending.  Then we will add you to our email list of investors and start
    emailing you Trust Deed Offerings. 


  3. When you see a Trust Deed Opportunity hat you are interested in & have funds available to place on that Trust Deed, all you need to do is “Reply” and tell us that you are interested. Please make sure to include the specific property address and the loan amount. Nope, this is not approving the loan. This is the time where you can ask any other questions you might have.  Your email will be going directly to the respective Loan Originator, who will be putting the loans together for you. 

  4. You will receive a response within 24 hours. Our team will email you a full loan package if it's decided you are going to be the Investor for the loan.  This is when you can do a more thorough review of the opportunity. Even if the trust deed has already been sold, you will still get notified. But no worries! There will be more opportunities coming your way. 

  5. Once you receive the loan submission, we advise you to review it and exercise any other due diligence until you are fully comfortable to proceed or wish to decline it.  Please be advised that these loans require a fast turn-around, so we greatly appreciate a swift review and approval or notice of decline.  Taking longer than 24 hours is a disservice to the borrowers. who to us for the speed and performance we offer in getting their loan done.  

  6. Once you approve the loan, we will ask for your vesting and your choice of Servicing Company.  We are unable to prepare LOAN DOCUMENTS without this information.

  7. Prepare your funds so they can be wired to escrow. 

  8. Send the money to Escrow when requested.

  9. Receive and review the GOLD FILE, which is sent to you by us Priority Mail.

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