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Investment Property
Non Owner Occupied
Hard Money Loans

People invest in real estate for a variety of reasons.
This is where Hard Money loan programs come into play, with just 2 qualifications:


1. Equity / Sufficient Down Payment

2. Repayment Ability

Benefits of Investing In Real Estate

* It's more stable than the stock market.  
* A far larger portion of the purchase price can be financed than stocks.

* Rental properties provide nice cash flow
& rental income can be forecasted more accurately than other investments.
*You have better control over your financial investment.
*And rental property will produce more income over time. 



Why Use Hard Money For An Investment Property Purchase?


  • Fast Funding!

  • LTV Up to 65% – 75%

  • Low Credit Score is Ok! 

  • We can finance up to $2Million+ 

  • Property Condition? We Can Still Help!

  • Basically an all-cash offer = Fast Closing = #1 Offer

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