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Becoming An Investor

Becoming an investor with us is a pretty simple. 

After we hear from you of your interest to become an investor, we will send you a "Welcome Aboard" email.  You will also be added to our exclusive Investor email database. The database is strictly managed by our team, and will be sold or shared. 


     In this "Welcome Aboard" email, you will receive the following:

  • An example of our Trust Deed Opportunities

  • A mandatory investor legal questionnaire form by the State 
    which is simple to fill out, prior to investing in any TD opportunities.

When You Receive the Trust Deed Opportunity Emails 


When you receive the TD Opportunities emails, you might want to reply to the email as soon as possible if you are interested in a certain opportunity.
Taking your time to think about is important, but these opportunities get taken quickly.


Once you express your interest, your response will be received directly to our team.
We will be notified of your interest, and will be here to answer any of your questions.


Our team will email you a full loan package if it's decided you are going to be the Investor for the loan.  This is when you can do a more thorough review of the opportunity.
Even if the trust deed has already been sold, you will still get notified. But no worries! 

                           There will be more opportunities coming your way. 

Our response time is always within 24 hours, whether or not you became the investor or not in a particular deed of trust. If you do not receive an email, please feel free to give us a call or an email and we can help you resolve that issue.

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