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The Following Items Are

Needed For Loan Submission

  • Completed & Signed Loan Application (1003)

  • Credit Report

  • Most Recent Bank Statements For Each Bank Account

  • Borrower Signed Purpose & Exit Letter

  • Appraisal or something showing value 

  • Income Documents (Tax Returns, Bank Statements, 1099, W-2, Current Paystub, etc.)

  • Broker fees 




Here's What We Need!

We Can Finance Owner Occupied/Primary Residence 
& Investment Properties as well.



  • A Copy Of Existing Mortgage Statement
    (If this new loan will be paying off an existing loan)  


  • A Copy Of The Most Recent Mortgage Statement 
    & Note For The 2nd Loan for 2nds.

  • Contact Information For Prelim and Escrow 

  • Trust Cert, LLC Docs, etc. (If property is in a Trust or LLC)

  • Copy of Purchase Agreement (Purchase) 

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