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Bridge / Temporary Loans
for Purchase / Refinance 


Everything You Want to Know About The Loan Programs

What is a Bridge Loan? 

It's a short-term financial agreement, which allows a buyer to purchase a property
before their currently owned home is sold. They have a term of 12 months or less and

are taken out for purchase / refinance purposes on owner occupied properties. 


What is a Temporary Loan?

A Temporary Loan is for Consumer Purpose only.

The money is lent to a borrower to be used for personal purpose
(family, household, etc) The term is 12 months or less, with the Borrower
needing to have an exit strategy within this term to refinance. 



Why Get A Temporary or Bridge Loan?

  1. To be able to access your equity in one house to purchase the other house 
    bridging the hole between the buying one home and selling the other at the same time.

  2. Dodging the tedious work and cost of moving multiple times when purchasing a new house.

  3. Being able to have your offer accepted without any contingencies /
    Being able to offer shorter loan contingency to help your chances of getting selected.


  4. Hard Money Lenders look at equity. Equity, equity, equity! 

  5. Bridge/Temp Loan Lenders allow short- term loans.

  6. Bridge/Temp Loans are exempt from the “Repayment Ability” factor. 


Property Types for Temporary or Bridge Loans

Purchases or refinances on owner occupied/primary residence properties.


Temporary or Bridge Loan Requirements

  • The most important thing for the Lender is: Equity, Equity, Equity 

  • The maximum LTV is up to 65% – 75%.

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